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Discover João Paulo

Memórias De Quem

Download “Memórias De Quem” (mp3)
from “Memórias De Quem
by João Paulo
Clean Feed

Discover Track – Carlos Barretto

Radio Song

Download “Radio Song” (mp3)
from “Radio Song
by Carlos Barretto Trio
Clean Feed

New release * Sounds


Rob Brown Trio – “Sounds” – CF078

After a free jazz investment for many years, now something entirely different. Avant-garde? Composer / improviser Rob Brown says it’s an irrelevant categorization nowadays. Instead of the conventional sax-bass-drums combo of the New Thing, “Sounds” gives us an alternative combination of alto saxophone with a cello (Daniel Levin) and Japanese taiko percussion set (Satoshi Takeishi), for a quieter, more open, exotic and abstract music performance than the ones usually labelled as jazz. Abstract, we said? Not always: “Tibetan Folk Song” is what the title says, “Moment of Pause” is a ballad, and the three-part suite “Sounds” was conceived for a Nancy Zendora choreography, and you know how dance need time references to construct in space. And you still have “Stutter Step”, a reminder of the free jazz convictions of Mr. Brown, a long-time partner of musicians like William Parker, Matthew Shipp, Joe Morris and Whit Dickey. So, here is one of those situations in which you have a trio of liberated jazz musicians playing their own music. Is it avant-garde? Is it abstract? Does these words matter anymore?

New release * Wishful Thinking


Wishfull Thinking – “Wishfull Thinking” CF077

To begin with – and we always begin listening a record by reading its title and the names of the tracks -, a glance to the cover of this disc informs us of a situation of conflict. The international outfit formed by Alípio Carvalho Neto (Brazil), Johannes Krieger (Germany), Alex Maguire (United Kingdom),
Ricardo Freitas (Portugal) and Rui Gonçalves (Portugal) calls itself Wishful Thinking, the mental capacity to project our most ambitious desires. But the title of the CD is not so positive: “Wishful Thinking” tell us that music, since its inception when human beings were more close to nature and the animal kingdom, is a privileged way (because it needs no words) to express pain, frustration, rage and sadness. Truth is there’s an inner logic in this apparent paradox, because it’s precisely our melancholy that enables us to think about perfect societies of milk and honey. The music played by this quintet is the conciliation of the two forces that drive human conscience: one makes us look forward, the other pushes us to protest, and lament, and shout in anger. So, there’s tears (“Urs’s Epitaph – Der Hirt”, Alípio’s tribute to a departed friend) and laughter (Maguire’s “Buffalo Bill”) here, and that’s fine.

New Price policy

In order to help you finding out more on our label and the projects we are recording we have decided to establish a new price policy:

  • Only the records released in the current year will be €16,80.       
  • All the others will be €14,90.    
  •  Exceptions – Clean Price €11,80 and CF 006 €22,60
  • No shipping costs .

4 corners in Portugal


4 Corners, The quartet formed by Adam Lane, Ken Vandermark, Magnus Broo and Paal Nilssen-Love will be in Portugal for 2 release parties of it´s latest CD named after the formation, the first apearance will be in Braga and after that Lisbon.

We will post here some  images from the Lisbon concert as soon as possible.

AAJ reviews

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“CHOC” for Unreal- Sidewalk Cartoon


For those of  you who read the French magazine jazzman probably know what this means. It means that the last cd of Bernardo Sassetti on Clean Feed got the french 5 stars.