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Downbeat review by Bill Meyer

Broo / Lane / Nilssen_love / Vandermark – 4 Corners (CF 076)

**** (4 stars)

Chicago multi-reedist Vandermark combines classically inspired harmonies and structures with jazz elements in his compositions. In double bassist Lane, he has found a like-minded collaborator (although each man writes separately) who also values the bruising intensity and harsh textures of post-punk rock. But the album’s name says it all; although the other two players don’t write, they certainly hold up their end. Broo is an especially commanding soloist, arcing lines of righteous beauty over “Chichi Rides the Tiger’s” implacable groove and tangling fearlessly with Vandermark’s baritone on the unabashedly heavy “Ashcan Rantings.” Drummer Nilssen-Love shifts fluidly between swinging rhythms, marvelously detailed sound fields, and tooth-powdering pounding, going wherever the music needs him to go and coming back with the goods.