Like Rain Whispers Mist review by Michael McCaw

Michael Attias – Credo (CF 051)

So closes an interesting set of liner notes from Attias for his Clean Feed release Credo (you can read the Attias penned liner notes for the album at the Clean Feed website here) which although recorded several years prior to his domestic debut release Renku, received its official release nearly a year after the sophomore recording session. And it is a shame that he is almost 40 and only has two albums under his own name (CIMP might be a good fit label wise along with Clean Feed…).

Reviews for this album are scant across the internet, and Scott “Recommended” Yanow says it has a Mingus feel with Ornette-ish solos. Personally I think this is misleading but not untrue. Looking for touchstones for people, I would rather say it calls on the energy and (when in full affect) lyricism of the Vandermark 5 which could be called a bastardization of the Yanow identified roots. Nonetheless, the way compositions build, fall away, rebuild, and give way to surprising subsets of a group- this Attias sextet is energetic and in full flight high on composition and improvisation. The sextet tracks especially reflect this sound.

I wish I had more time today to dedicate to this album, but the music should speak for itself.

You can hear the album or a particular tune below by clicking on a song title. You can visit Michaël Attias here although his website looks like it hasn’t been updated for a while.

What do you think?

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