Daily Archives: November 5, 2007

Free Jazz review by Stef

Jean-Marc Foltz / Bruno Chevillon – Cette Opacité (CF 045)
Jean-Marc Foltz plays clarinet, Bruno Chevillon bass. Together they play this absolute wonderful CD of free improvisation, called “Cette Opacité”, played at the Jazzdor Festival of Strasbourg in France in 2003. The two musicians play some fabulously fresh, raw, inventive and fun music. The melodies are great, the rhythms are stunning, the interplay is remarkable. Foltz’s playing at times reminds me of Ned Rothenberg, and true, both are experts in the circular breathing technique, but here Chevillon’s bass gives it a more haunting and hypnotic quality. Yet there is joy too, and plenty of it, and suprise, and melancholy moments too. Apart from their stunning musicianship, their sense of space and silence is excellent as well. As said, a wonderful album.