Daily Archives: January 16, 2008

Stuart Broomer best of 2007 list

New Releases
• Anthony Braxton: 12+1tet 9 Compositions (Iridium) 2006 (Firehouse 12)
• Derek Bailey: Standards (Tzadik)
• Connie Crothers: Music Is a Place (New Artists)
• Bruce Eisenbeil Sextet: Inner Constellation (Nemu)
• His Name Is Alive: Sweet Earth Flower: A Tribute to Marion Brown (High Two)
• Steve Lehman: Quintet On Meaning (Pi)
• Phil Minton Quartet: Slur (Emanem)
• Roscoe Mitchell: Composition/Improvisation Nos. 1, 2, & 3 (ECM)
• Alipio C. Neto: The Perfume Comes Before the Flower (Clean Feed)
• Evan Parker/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton: Zafiro (Maya)