Gaz-Eta review by Tom Sekowski

Dennis Gonzalez NY Quartet – Dance of the Soothsayer’s Tongue (Live at Tonic) (CF 094)
Trumpeter Dennis Gonzalez tends to blow me away. Literally. With each release, his playing gets tighter. While enrapturing himself with some of the best musicians on the scene, his writing gets stronger. On “Dance of the Soothsayer’s Tongue”, his all-over-the-map trumpet playing draws out a carefully knitted map for the other members of the quartet to unravel. Tenor guru Ellery Eskelin shapes the landscape with muscular playing that juxtaposes the leader’s rhythmic analogies quite well. Rhythm section – bassist Mark Helias and percussionist Michael T.A. Thompson – propel matters forward, while Thompson is even allotted a ten minute solo take in the form of “Soundrhythium”. Five part “Afrikanu Suite” is one of the highlights. With its ever-changing rhythmic tempo, the landscape is one of a ton of little nooks and crannies for the listeners to explore. Another great addition to Gonzalez’s already solid body of work.

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