Cadence Magazine review by Jerome Wilson

CF 127The Flatlands Collective – Maatjes (CF 127)
Flatlands Collective is a culturally blended group that definitely has its own feel. Leader Jorrit Djikstra is a Dutch musician who moved to Chicago some years ago and created this band with some of the local talent, a few of whom are recognizable as part of the Hal Russell – Ken Vandermark extended family. There is a playfulness in this music that reflects both the humor of the Dutch scene and the experimentation of the Chicago one. Highlights include a seductive serpentine alto, clarinet, and cello melody on “Mission Rocker,” modern classical sonorities on “Micro Mood” and “In D Flat Minor” broken up by old-timey drum soloing and honking abstractions, a resonant drone led by Bishop and Lonberg-Holm on “Partially Overdone” and sly Arabian exotica on “Scirocco Song” featuring Bishop’s slashing trombone and twinkling electronics. There are also a couple of trio improvisations, one an alternately cranky and rhapsodic piece for clarinet, bass, and trombone, the other a wheezing disturbance laid down by cello, drums, and Djikstra’s alto and electronics. There is definite fun and life in the Flatlands Collective’s genre mismatching.
©Cadence Magazine 2009


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