Clean Feed Fest IV in New York

Wednesday, september 16th
8:00 – Luis Lopes / Daniel Levin / Reuben Radding
Luis Lopes – guitar
Daniel Levin – cello
Reuben Radding – double bass

9:30 – Harris Eisenstadt “Canada Day”
Nate Wooley – trumpet
Ellery Eskelin – tenor saxophone
Chris Dingman – vibraphone
Eivind Opsvik – double bass
Harris Eisenstadt – drums, compositions

Thursday, september 17th
8:00 – John O’Gallagher Trio “Dirty Hands”
John O’Gallagher – alto saxophone
Masa Kamaguchi – double bass
Jeff Williams – drums

9:30 – Daniel Levin Quartet “Live at Roulette”
Daniel Levin – cello
Matt Moran – vibraphone
Peter Bitenc– double bass
Nate Wooley – trumpet

Friday, september 18th
8:00 – Julio Resende Group
Julio Resende – piano
Dave Ambrosio – double bass
Joel Silva – drums

9:30 – Jorrit Dijkstra Solo
Jorrit Djikstra – alto saxophone, lyricon, electronics

10:30 – Avram Fefer Trio “Ritual”
Avram Fefer – tenor and alto saxophones, clarinet
Eric Revis – double bass
Chad Taylor – drums

Saturday, september 19th – Co-sponsored by the Festival of New Trumpet Music (FONT)
8:00 – Kirk Knuffke Quartet “Big Wig”
Kirk Knuffke – trumpet
Brian Drye – trombone
Reuben Radding – double bass
Jeff Davis – drums

9:30 – Darren Johnston “The Edge of the Forest”
Darren Johnston – trumpet
Sheldon Brown – tenor
Oscar Noriega – clarinet and bass clarinet
Trevor Dunn – double bass
Ches Smith – drums

Sunday, september 20th
8:00 – Charles Rumback Quartet “Two Kinds of Art Thieves”
Charles Rumback – drums
Jason Ajemian – bass
Joshua Sclar – tenor saxophone
Greg Ward – alto saxophone

9:30 – Fight the Big Bull “All is Gladness in the Kingdom”
Steven Bernstein – trumpet
Bob Miller – trumpet
Bryan Hooten – trombone
Reggie Pace – trombone
Jason Scott – tenor saxophone, clarinet
John Lilley – tenor saxophone
Matthew White – guitar, tunes
Cameron Ralston – bass
Brian Jones – percussion
Pinson Chanselle – trap set

Tickets at the door
$15,00 for two sets

Clean Feed 1
Clean Feed Fest NY IV at Cornelia Connelly Center
(220 East 4th street, Lower East Side)

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