Jazzreview review by Glenn Astarita

Angles – Epileptical West, Live in Coimbra (CF 182)
Producer and saxophonist Martin Kuchen professes jubilance and assists with generating a distinct group sound, teeming with abundant contrasts, riotous exchanges and climactic passages.

The sextet often produces a buoyant and sweeping panorama as vibist Mattias Stahl adds a polytonal edge via circular ostinatos, tinted background shadings and jazzy soloing spots.  During several movements, the musicians combine a hard-edged mode of execution with melodic choruses to offset the hornists’ ballsy and forceful soloing escapades.  Although they are apt to temper the flow, then spiral back towards the stratosphere.  With brash and soaring motifs, the unit’s explosive live presence transforms to disc rather effectively.

The piece titled “Epileptical West,” is a boisterous and stirring swing/bop workout via high-flying horns, avant-rock, and whirlwind like solos.  The band pulls out the proverbial stops with complex time changes and snappy choruses.  Midway through, they moderate the flow but revisit the primary theme amid various expansions for the finale.  It’s an adrenaline rush, indeed. 

Angles is a unit that resides on the edge, yet underscores the hot and heavy episodes with a touch of modern mainstream.  Strong material and a deterministic mode of operations, yields the winning formula on this compelling effort.  Hence, it’s an exposition, teeming with raw firepower and finesse to complement the artists’ fusion of divergent angles into the grand schema.

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