skug // Magazin – skug – Journalfür Musik review by Noël Akchoté

Luis Lopes Humanization Quartet (CF 105)
Luis Lopes, Adam Lane, Igal Foni – What is When (CF 146)
Afterfall – Afterfall (CF 208)
Luis Lopes – Lisbon Berlin Trio (CF 234)
The week before, or so, I just had seen passing a link to Luis Lopes’s new release and artist pages. I rarely visit such pages, I must admit, but this time I can’t tell why, I felt I really should. So I did. I only had heard about and seen his name before, but never actually remember listening to him more. Luis Lopes is a guitarist from Portugal, living in Lisbon, playing in his own idiom, with his own technique, approach, all in once. As much a guitarist than a composer to my eyes, someone that looks further inside the music, beyond the note, but with it as a departure point. You may remind a certain post free jazz school while listening to him, but he won’t let you there alone, not standing, not “in the tradition”. For me his music rings many more underneath and deep inside, in the core. In fact his way to play and organize his bands, his frames, his landscapes seems much more like someone opening up a new one and bringing all his memories, desires, pictures and momentums inside. Someone looking to dialogue with the elements, with others too. His guitar playing is very subtile, ranging on a large scale of dynamics, some upfront playing, some side ways, sometime bellow and the next moment on top. His bands (each album a different project here), also refletcs this very sharply and smartly. Colorsand People, individuals and orchestral ranges, each a strong role in the same room, altogether. Then we played duet with Manuel Mota in Lisbon, and there he was outside after the show, Luis Lopes, and he gave me those four beautiful albums, and i wanted to tell you about. So I did.

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