New York Times review by Nate Chinen

Bobby Bradford /Mark Dresser / Glenn Ferris – Live in LA (CF 241)
Mr. Dresser also plays a pivotal role on “Live in L.A.” (Clean Feed), a more casual recording featuring the trumpeter Bobby Bradford and the trombonist Glenn Ferris, both veterans of the avant-garde. Their performance, from 2009, unfolds as rough-and-tumble sport, but not without a framework: only two of the eight tracks here are whole-cloth inventions. The others, especially three by Mr. Ferris, tend to build on the blues, with an unambiguous feeling for swing. “For Bradford,” a tune by Mr. Dresser — at one point it was in the repertory of Trio M — suggests the shifting tonalities of Mr. Bradford’s old associate Ornette Coleman. Both Mr. Bradford and Mr. Ferris play with pugnacious alertness, doing some of their best work in an improvised tandem. Mr. Dresser is the anchor in their midst, and every bit as active with his use of contrapuntal texture.

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