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Le Son du Grisli review by Pierre Lemarchand

Dennis Gonzalez / João Paulo – So Soft Yet (CF 243)
Scape / Grace était un disque d’été, dont la musique ondulait au rythme du linge séché par le vent et se gorgeait du soleil qui caresse les collines surplombant Lisbonne. So Soft Yet témoigne des retrouvailles du pianiste portugais João Paulo et du trompettiste et cornettiste américain Dennis González deux ans et demi après l’enregistrement de Scape / Grace. Au cœur de l’hiver lisbonnais, lors du mois de janvier 2010, Dennis González et João Paulo se retrouvèrent donc pour offrir une suite à leur premier disque, gravée elle aussi sur le label Clean Feed records.

Au seul piano joué sur le précédent disque, Paulo lui adjoint ici l’accordéon (sur deux titres) et le piano électrique (sur cinq). La sonorité rêveuse du premier imprime à la musique une certaine nostalgie, tandis que le second crée un climat de ciel obscurci et un paysage de reliefs tranchants. Mais on n’aime jamais autant la musique de ces deux-là que quand elle revient à ses fondamentaux, quand elle réitère le miracle de la première rencontre musicale : piano et trompette, en de longs entremêlements monochromes comme en de plus précipités dialogues irisés.


Music and More review by Tim Niland

Marty Ehrlich’s Rites Quartet – Frog Leg Logic (CF 242)
In their description of this album, Clean Feed draws the comparison between this group anchored by saxophonist Marty Ehrlich and cellist Hank Roberts to the great loft jazz music made between saxophonist Julius Hemphill and cellist Abdul Wadud during the 1970’s and 1980’s. The distinction is apt, and joining Ehrlich and Roberts on this date are James Zollar on trumpet and Michael Sarin on drums. While they aren’t quite as gritty as the likes of Hemphill’s recently re-released classic Dogon A.D., the group achieves a fine progressive jazz sound with Ehrlich and Zollar swirling and probing each other’s phrases, recalling records by Eric Dolphy and Booker Little or Chris Potter and Dave Douglas. “You Can Beat The Slanted Cards” and “Frog Leg Logic” make their case quite nicely with angular momentum moving with geometrical precision as the musicians improvise on the unusual themes. “Ballade” and “Solace” slow down the pace to an atmospheric and patient flow, Roberts and Sarin are particularly important in these performances as they are able to use subtle and gradual shifts in time and space to lay evolving textural shapes for the hornmen to react to, developing collective improvisations where everyone is interacting in real time. This is very solid and enjoyable modern jazz, steeped in the music that preceded them, but at same time making music that has a thoroughly modern sensibility.

Giuseppe Segala´s Best of 2011 List – All About Jazz Italy

Ben Allison – Action Refraction (Palmetto Records)
Piero Bittolo Bon & His Original Pigneto Stompers – Mucho Acustica (Long Song Records)
Bobby Bradford – Mark Dresser – Glenn Ferris – Live in LA (Clean Feed)
Arrigo Cappelletti – Andrea Massaria – Nicola

Stranieri – Mat Maneri – Metamorphosis (Leo Records)
Gerald Cleaver – Uncle June: Be It As I See It (Fresh Sound/New Talent)
Franco D’Andrea – Sorapis (El Gallo Rojo)
Bill Dixon – Envoi (Victo)
Harris Eisenstadt – September Trio (Clean Feed)
Peter Evans – Ghosts (More is More)
Gerry Hemingway Quintet – Riptide (Clean Feed)
Fred Hersch – Alone at the Vanguard (Palmetto Records)
Taylor Ho Bynum – Apparent Distance (Firehouse 12)
Lee Konitz – Brad Mehldau – Charlie Haden – Paul Motian – Live at Birdland (ECM)
Ingrid Laubrock Sleepthief – The Madness of Crowds (Intakt)
Tony Malaby – Novela (Clean Feed)
Paul Motian – The Windmills of Your Mind (Winter and Winter)
Augusto Pirodda – No Comment (JazzWerkstatt)
Michel Portal – Bailador (EmArcy)
Starlicker trio – Double Demon (Delmark)
Craig Taborn – Avenging Angel (ECM)

Luigi Santosuosso´s Best of 2011 List- All About Jazz Italy

3 Cohens – Family (Anzic Records)
AA.VV. – Red Hot & Rio 2 (E1)
Ben Allison – Action Refraction (Palmetto Records)
Jason Adasiewicz – Sun Rooms (Delmark Record)
Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra – MTO Plays Sly (Royal Potato Family)
Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra – Hothouse Stomp (Accurate Records) Dave Douglas – The Three Views (Greenleaf Music)
Erik Friedlander – Bonebridge (Skipstone)
Joel Forrester – Phillip Johnston – Live at the Hillside Club (Asynchronous Records)
Holshouser, Bennink & Moore – Live in NYC (Ramboy Recordings)
Honey Ear Trio – Steampunk Serenade (Foxhaven)
The Humans – It’s Nine O’Clock (El Gallo Rojo)
Zoe Keating – Into The Trees (Autoprodotto)
Calvin Keys—Shawn-Neeq (Tompkins Square Records)
Gerald McCauley – Benjamin Bove – Down the Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story (Triads Music)
Mostly Other People Do the Killing – Coimbra Concert (Clean Feed)
Sun Ra – The Eternal Myth Revealed – Vol. 1 (Sun Ra Music Archives Productions/Transparency)
Skúli Sverrisson – Sería/Seria II (Autoprodotto)
Bernie Worrell Orchestra – Bernie Worrell: Standards (Autoprodotto)
Youn Sun Nah – Same Girl (ACT Music)

Gigi Sabelli´s Best of 2011 List – All About Jazz

Piero Bittolo Bon Jump the Shark – Ohmlaut (El Gallo Rojo)
Calexico – Selection From Road Atlas 1998-2011 (City Slang)
Vinicio Capossela – Marinai, profeti e balene (La Ciapa/Warner)
Franco D’Andrea – Sorapis (El Gallo Rojo)
Miles Davis – Live in Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series vol. 1 (Sony Legacy)
Erik Friedlander – Bonebridge (Skipstone)
Kip Hanrahan – At Home in Anger (Yellowbird – American Clavé)
Ja Vigiu Plamja – To Infinity and Beyond (El Gallo Rojo)
Nicole Mitchell – Awakening (Delmark)
Mostly Other People Do the Killing – Coimbra Concert (Clean Feed)
Gianluca Petrella Tubolibre – Slaves (Spacebone Records) Giancluca Petrella – Paolino Dalla Porta – Fabrizio Sferra – Il bagno turco (Parco della Musica)
São Paulo Underground – Tres Cabeças Loucuras (Cuneiform)
Archie Shepp – For Losers/Kwanza (Impulse!)
Wadada Leo Smith – Heart’s Reflections (Cuneiform)
Starlicker – Double Demon (Delmark)
Tom Waits – Bad as Me (Anti) Jürg Wickihalder – Jump! (Intakt)
John Zorn – At The Gates Of Paradise (Tzadik)
John Zorn – A Dreamer’s Christmas (Tzadik)

Vincenzo Roggero´s Best of List 2011 – All About Jazz Italy

Ben Allison – Action Refraction (Palmetto Records)
Piero Bittolo Bon & His Original Pigneto Stompers – Mucho Acustica (Long Song Records)
Benoit Delbecq Trio – The Sixth Jump (Songlines)
Franco D’Andrea – Sorapis (El Gallo Rojo)
Endangered Blood – Endangered Blood (Skirl)
Shane Endsley and the Music Band – Then the Other (Low Electrical)
Honey Ear Trio – Steampunk Serenade (Foxhaven)
The Humans – It’s Nine O’Clock (El Gallo Rojo)
Italian Instabile Orchestra – Totally Gone (Rai Trade)
Kirk Knuffke – Lisle Ellis – Kenny Wollesen – Chew Your Food (NoBusiness) Adam Lane’s Full Throttle Orchestra – Ashcan Rantings (Clean Feed)
Ingrid Laubrock Sleepthief – The Madness of Crowds (Intakt)
Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chords – Quavers!Quavers!Quavers!Quavers! (Hot Cup)
Mauro Ottolini Sousaphonix – The Sky Above Braddock (Cam jazz)
William Parker Organ Quartet – Uncle Joe’s Spirit House (AUM Fidelity)
Mike Pride’s From Bacteria to Boys – Betweenwhile (AUM Fidelity)
Steve Raegele – Last Century (Songlines)
Julio Resende Trio – You Taste Like a Song (Clean Feed)
Angelica Sanchez – A Little House (Clean Feed)
Cuong Vu 4-t – Leaps of Faith (Origin Records)

Neri Pollastri´s Best of 2011 List – All About Jazz Italy

Alexander Balanescu – Ada Milea – The Island (Saphrane)
Stefano Battaglia – The River of Anyder (ECM)
Walter Beltrami – Paroxysmal Postural Vertigo (Auand)
Dino Betti van der Noot – September’s New Moon (SAM Productions)
Carmelo Coglitore with String Trio – Carmelo Coglitore with String Trio (Autoprodotto)
Claudio Cojaniz – Shadows of Colours (Caligola)
Kris Davis – Aeriol Piano (Clean Feed)
Giovanni Maier – The Talking Bass (Long Song) ^
Massimo De Mattia – Mikiri+3 (Setola di Maiale)
Renaud Garcia-Fons – Mediterranées (Enja)
The Humans – It’s Nine O’Clock (El Gallo Rojo)
Lee Konitz – Brad Mehldau – Charlie Haden – Paul Motian – Live at Birdland (ECM)
Leszek Mozdzer – Komeda (ACT)
Livio Minafra 4tet – Surprise!!! (Enja)
Nils Økland/Sigbjørn Apeland – Lysøen – Hommage à Ole Bull (ECM)
Mauro Ottolini – I Separatisti Bassi (Artesuono)
Bobo Rondelli – L’ora dell’ormai (Live Global)
Alfonso Santimone Laser Pigs – Ecce Combo (El Gallo Rojo)
Giuliano Tull Quartet – Boparte (Rudi)
John Zorn – A Dreamer Christmas (Tzadik)