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Gapplegate Music review by Grego Edwards

Tony Malaby’s Novela: Interesting Larger Band Arrangements of Malaby Pieces by Kris Davis

Tony Malaby’s Novela (CF 232)
Tony Malaby’s recent release with his nine-member Novela group (Clean Feed 232) gives us a broader view of Malaby’s music than might be typical of his recordings. The four-reed, three brass (including baritone sax and tuba) front line-up provides a rich mini-big-band sonance. Kris Davis arranges the Malaby pieces and plays piano. John Hollenbeck’s drums add percussive drive.

All the Malaby compositions have been recorded previously on other albums. The new Kris Davis arrangements allow latitude, freedom and collective/individual solo time. And they present Malaby’s musical ideas in very full sound.

The results are quite impressive. Malaby, Attias, Badenhorst, Hadro, Alessi, Gerstein and Peck make the horn section sing and effectively straddle the free limberness with the compositional structures invoked for each particular piece. Ms. Davis’s arrangements give lattitude but also flesh out the critical melodic-rhythmic-harmonic scaffolding that supports and founds each piece.

It is excellent work, ambitious and exciting, well wrought and spontaneous at the same time. Very much recommended.

El Intruso 4th Annual Critics Poll – 2011

Musician of the Year Newcomer Musician
Wadada Leo Smith 28 Ambrose Akinmusire 33
Peter Evans 19 Joana Sa 13
Anthony Braxton 17 Travis LaPlante 12
Craig Taborn 17 Ingrid Laubrock 11
Rob Mazurek 17 Susana Santos Silva 11
Group of the Year Newcomer Group
Mostly Other People do the Killing 42 BB&C 18
The Claudia Quintet 12 Inzinzac 15
Farmers by Nature 11 Lama 15
Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet 11 Cylinder 12
The Thing 10 Fourth Page 12
Album of the Year
Peter Evans Quintet Ghosts More is More 18
Bill Dixon Envoi Victo 17
Craig Taborn Avenging Angels ECM 15
Wadada Leo Smith’ Organic Heart’s Reflections Cuneiform 15
Mostly Other People do the Killing Live in Coimbra Clean Feed 14
Composer Drums
Wadada Leo Smith 22 Gerald Cleaver 40
Anthony Braxton 18 Tyshawn Sorey 29
John Hollenbeck 18 Paal Nilssen Love 17
John Zorn 17 Jim Black 16
Peter Evans 17 Ches Smith 14
Bass Guitar
William Parker 56 Mary Halvorson 73
Barry Guy 16 Nels Ciine 37
Mark Dresser 16 Bill Frisell 35
Pascal Niggenkemper 15 Rez Abbasi 16
John Edwards 14 Marc Ribot 15
Piano Keyboards/Synthesizer/Organ
Craig Taborn 46 John Medeski 24
Matthew Shipp 37 Craig Taborn 22
Agusti Fernández 25 Gary Versace 15
Vijay Iyer 18 Alexander Hawkins 14
Kris Davis 17 Toby McLaren 12
Saxophone Trumpet / Cornet
Darius Jones 31 Nate Wooley 50
Mats Gustaffson 22 Peter Evans 44
Rudresh Mahanthappa 21 Taylor Ho Bynum 31
Ken Vandermark 14 Wadada Leo Smith 24
Peter Brotzmann 14 Ambrose Akinmusire 23
Clarinet Trombone
Joachim Badenhorst 30 Samuel Blaser 57
James Falzone 27 Steve Swell 45
Anat Cohen 25 Roswell Rudd 24
Jason Stein 21 Jeb Bishop 16
Waclaw Zimpel 20 Michael Dessen 15
Violín / Viola Cello
Jason Kao Hwang 40 Fred Lonberg-Holm 47
Jessica Pavone 26 Daniel Levin 39
Carlos Zingaro 22 Erik Friedlander 35
Jenny Scheinman 21 Okkyung Lee 31
Carla Kilhstedt 18 Ernst Reijseger 13
Vibraphone Others Instruments
Jason Adasiewicz 109 Nicole Mitchell (Flauta) 35
Chris Dingman 22 Brandon Seabrook (Banjo) 26
Matt Moran 21 Jason Stein (Clarinete bajo) 11
Gary Burton 15 Andrea Parkins (Acordeón) 9
Bill Ware 9 Matthew Wright (Electrónicos) 8
Female Singer Male Singer
Fay Victor 19 Theo Bleckmann 55
Jen Shyu 11 Kurt Elling 33
Ute Wasserman 10 Phil Minton 16
Carla Kihlstedt 9 Charlie Beresford 14
Sheila Jordan 8 Mose Allison 8
Best Live Band Record Label
The Thing 19 Clean Feed 72
Mostly Other People do the Killing 15 Cuneiform 33
John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble 12 No Business 32
Peter Evans (Quartet/Quintet) 8 ECM 13
Peter Brotzmann (Tentet/Hairy Bones) 7 Leo Records 13

In the El Intruso 4th Annual Critics Poll the following critics participated:

Alain Drouot, Andrea Canter, Andrey Henkin, Antonio Branco, Bartek Adamczak, Cayetano López, Clifford Allen, Dan Bilawsky, David Adler, Esteban Arizpe Castañeda, Eyal Hareuveni, Francis Davis, Gordon Marshall, Guillaume Belhomme, Hrayr Attarian, John Eyles, John Sharpe, Karl Ackerman, Laurence Donohue-Greene, Lyn Horton, Marcelo Morales, Marcin Kicinski, Mark Corroto, Matthew Marshall, Mike Borella, Pachi Tapiz, Paul Acquaro, Paul Banks, Raul da Gama, Roberto Barahona, Rui Eduardo Paes, Sean Patrick Fitzel, Sergio Piccirilli, Simon Jay Harper, Stef Gijssels, Stuart Broomer, Tim Niland, Tom Hull, Troy Collins.

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Music and More review by Tim Niland

The Ames Room – Bird Dies (CF 231)
The Ames Room is a collective improvising jazz group consisting of Clayton Thomas on bass, Jean-Luc Guionnet on alto saxophone and Will Guthrie on drums. On this album they craft a wildly exciting 42 minute continuous live improvisation that morphs, evolves, dreams and cries like a living creature. The liner notes name-check Sonny Rollins trio recordings and classic AACM experiments, and while those influences are certainly there, what I hear most from the single improvisational blowout “Bird Dies” is the monstrous lung power of Rahsaan Roland Kirk from his ‘Saxophone Contcerto” on the album Prepare Thyself to Deal With a Miracle and the epic trio improvisation that saxophonist Jon Irabagon recorded last year on the album Foxy. Recorded at the end of a two week tour, the band launches into “Bird Dies” with reckless abandon, worrying less about solo statements than collective improvisation: creating music that warps the very fabric of space and time itself. The trio is consistently excellent and plays with an empathic grace bordering on the paranormal. Whether you choose to read this album as a commentary on modern jazz since the death of Charlie Parker or as up to the moment modern jazz, anyone interested in exciting high powered music will certainly want to check this out.