JazzMag review by Thierry Quénum

2 responses to “JazzMag review by Thierry Quénum

  1. Unfortunately this writer is DEAF and INSENSITIVE to HONEST good music.
    Probably a frustrated ‘want to be’ musician who thinks he has a talent for writing…….I recommend that he writes his thoughts down in a private diary and leave professional writing to those who have the knowledge and capacity to do so.

  2. Thierry Quénum

    You should go and tell this (though it’s a little too late now) to the French, American, Italian, Norwegian, German… editors who’ve paid me to do this job for the last 25 years … and also the musicians who’ve asked me to write liner notes for their records, in French or in English.
    Sorry you didn’t like my article, but I didn’t become a jazz writer to be liked by everybody… nor to be told what I should do by strangers
    Anyway, all the best to you, dear Arthur.

    Thierry Quénum

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