All About Jazz review by Mark Corroto

CFG 006Various – I Never Meta Guitar Too (CFG 006)
Ladies and gentlemen, the current state of the guitar in modern creative music is sound. Pun aside, adventurous listeners are always searching for the next “new thing” in music. Thankfully here, guitarist Elliott Sharp acts, once again, as a musical prospector. His previous I Never Meta Guitar (Solo Guitars For The XXI Century) (Clean Feed, 2010) featured familiar players like Henry Kaiser, Brandon Ross, Jeff Parker, and Noel Akchoté, and introduced new superstars including Nels Cline, Mary Halvorson, and Raoul Bjorkenheim. He also included some overlooked talents.

Sharp returns here with sixteen new players—some familiar names and other revelations. These astute collections are guidebooks for the unfamiliar and hunters of the new.

He sprinkles the traditional sound of Ben Tyree’s classically influenced, acoustic “The Gatekeeper,” Steve Cardenas’ operatic acoustic sounds on “Aerial,” and Joel Harrison’s blues-tinged ghost music of “Loon,” alongside the slash and burn of Yasuhiro Isui’s “Headland” and Italian Downtown favorite Marco Cappelli’s “Sits At the Other Side Of The Table.”

Those unfamiliar with the extensive catalog of David Grubbs will find his “Weird Salutation” a meditative acoustic wandering, while Hans Tammen applies his guitar to a software program for some exceptionally curious music-making.

Each piece is an invitation to expand one’s ears in any direction deemed desirable.

Let the journey begin.


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