Decanting Cerebral review

CF 276Harris Eisenstadt September Trio – The Destructive Element (CF 276)
Drummer/composer convenes his open improv sax/piano/drums trio in Portugal, with Ellery Eskelin and Angelica Sanchez filling empty spaces so expertly it might take a while to notice the missing bass player. Schoenberg gets name-checked twice, via a very loose and multi-structured nod to Concerto for Violin and Orchestra. Eisenstadt the former lit student also makes brief allusions to Joseph Conrad and Kurosawa, the latter number tersely cinematic as it builds builds builds. Elsewhere, Eskelin/Sanchez channel John/Alice Coltrane on the mournful “Additives,” slowly smolder across gorgeous ballad “Back And Forth,” and amble out the gate with a bluesy “Swimming, Then Rained Out”. And while the melodists do the heavy lifting, Eisenstadt the drummer coaxes both whispers and clatter from his kit. Plus, every number claims a theme or statement worthy of the trio’s chops, which brings us back to Eisenstadt the composer.

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