Music and More review by Tim Niland

CF 294Eric Revis – In Memory of Things Yet Unseen (CF 294)
Bassist Eric Revis is one of the leading lights of modern jazz, able to walk between the mainstream and the avant-garde at will. This lineup proves it, with Revis on bass, Chad Taylor on drums and vibraphone, Bill McHenry on tenor saxophone and Darius Jones on alto saxophone. The music is quite remarkable, an example of which is the extraordinary free-blues of “Son Seals” presumably dedicated to the great Chicago bluesman. McHenry and Jones make for an excellent front line: McHenry has a lighter tone, while Jones has a rough and ready and occasionally caustic manner on his instrument. The open ended nature of the music gives them a lot of opportunity to express themselves, such as on “Somethings Cooking” and “Unknown” where the saxophones swirl and intertwine like a helix, moving from solos to harmonizing at will. Revis and Taylor are as impressive as the saxophone players, with the bassist grounded able to solo and support at a whim. Taylor is the same way, adding shifting rhythms and patterns that allow the music to move in any possible dimensions. The excitement of the music builds to a high level of energy full band power and solo excitement. I think this may well be one of the finest albums of the year to date.

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