Clean Feed 10 Years

5 responses to “Clean Feed 10 Years

  1. i’d like to submit my new recording at your label. I like very much your way of art.

  2. i’d like to submit my new recording at your label. I really love your way of sound.
    leila Martial

    PS : You can hear some extracts of record on the web site

  3. Congtatulations! And thank you for providing an outlet for creative music. I beleive Clean Feed maintains the highest quality of production in improvisational music today.

  4. Dear Pedro,

    I hope you are fine.

    My name is Savvas Chantzaridis.

    I do run a Radio Show for the last 8 years(Sprawl Zone Radio Show) 6 times per month.I check your label and I have to admit that I really like your artists.It would be kind of you to send me some physical cds from the following releases like Elliott Sharp Aggregat,John Hébert Trio,Michael Dessen Trio2,Kris Davis Trio,Pascal Niggenkemper Vision7,Mark Dresser Quintet,Matt Bauder and Day in Picture,Eric Revis,Ches Smith and These Arches & Trespass Trio + Joe McPhee .I will broadcast their music on the Radio Show and also spin their music everytime I am djing in bars which is on weekly basis.Please,if you are interested send the stuff to:

    54249 GREECE

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    ps.The last years I have received promo material(cds,lps) from many record labels around the world like Edition,Gearbox,Leo,Real World,Emanem,Charly(BYG),Gondwana,Cherry Red(Big Break,El,RPM,Soulmusic)Jazzman,ReR Megacorp,Mr Bongo,World Circuit,Naim,Far Out,Moochin’ About from UK,ILK,Storyville,Barefoot from Denmark,BeeJazz ,SpaceTime,BudaMusique,Circum – Disc from France,Jazzland,PNL,Va Fongool from Norway,Basis,EM,Albore Jazz,Libra from Japan,Evil Rabbit,Enja,Analog Africa,Sonorama,Skip from Germany,Hermes from Iran,Alma from Canada,Vampi Soul from Spain,Igloo from Belgium,Innova,Sublime Frequencies,Porter,Pogus,Dusty Groove,XI,Arkadia Jazz,First Orbit Sounds,Resonance,Whaling City Sound,ESP-Disk,Moonjune,Summit,Posi-Tone from USA,Hevhetia from Slovakia,Amirani from Italy,Havtorn,Country & Eastern,Caprice from Sweden,Monotype from Poland,Timeless,Karnatic Lab from Netherlands,Jazzhead from Australia and the list goes on…

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