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Free Jazz review by Paul Acquaro

CF298Lawnmower – Lawnmower II (CF 298)
Ah, memories … I recall downloading Lawnmower’s first album, West, from eMusic at Stef’s enthusiastic recommendation. Then, I remember falling for it, becoming enthralled by the two guitars spinning ambient textures, Luthar Grey’s understated drums and Jim Hobb’s earthy saxophone. I also had the luck to catch a performance at the a sweltering Stone on a hot summer night a few years back.

Well, Lawnmower is back, sort of … the line up is revised but they have not lost their natural post-rock sense of adventure. Replacing the dual guitars of Geoff Farina and Dan Littleton is violinist Kaethe Hostetter and electric bassist Winston Bramey. Fortunately, the loss of the fabulous guitar work is deftly mitigated by Hostetter and Bramey whose mix of melodic intent and pulsating bass generates its own captivating nuances and complements the inventive work of Grey and Hobbs.

Lawnmower II opens up with ‘Good Beat’ – and it’s just that – a good beat that stretches out unhurriedly over 8 minutes. Violin and sax dance lightly around the chugging bass and drums. Hostetter offers up dark riffs and Hobbs responds in kind. The back beat on ‘Space Goat’ also chugs along unhurriedly — it’s 12 minutes of groove and mood, featuring wah-wah violin and fuzz bass with extended solos. Hobbs is in the foreground on ‘Cartoon’, where his rapidly ascending and descending lines stitches together the frenetic free playing of his companions. The aptly titled ‘Walk in the Park’ follows and provides a nice melodic bridge to the standout ‘Tiny Wing’. Digging deep into itself, the track features the violin and bass in an introverted space jam that threatens to violently implode.

Lawnmower, the band, finds its inspiration in ambient spaces and deliberate rhythms, melodic snippets and extended probing passages. Though a new model for 2014, Lawnmower is a different machine but still comes highly recommended.


Time Out review by José Carlos Fernandes

CF298Lawnmower – II (CF 298)
Entre o 1º e o 2º discos do projecto Lawnmower, do baterista Luther Gray, há diferenças de monta, com as duas guitarras de Farina e Littleton a darem lugar ao violino de Kaethe Hostetter e ao baixo eléctrico de Winston Braman (só o sax de Jim Hobbs se mantém) e a sonoridade e arquitectura foram radicalmente alteradas, de que resulta o opus 2 ser mais sedutor do que o antecessor. O que não quer dizer que se tenham feito quaisquer concessões: basta ouvir a fúria do sax e do violino no extremo agudo em “Tiny Wings” (a evocar uns Sonic Youth em desvario psicadélico), ou o imperturbável tribalismo minimal de “Good Beat” (entre Joy Division e Can), sobre o qual sax e violino tecem curiosos diálogos. Não é música para se ouvir enquanto se jardina.

Tomajazz review by Pachi Tapiz

CF 298Lawnmower II – II (CF 298)
Lawnmower II no es únicamente el título del CD, sino también de la formación. En la segunda encarnación de Lawnmower participan nuevamente el baterista Luther Gray (su líder) y el saxofonista alto Jim Hobbs, a los que se añaden el bajista Winston Braman y la violinista (con un instrumento de cinco cuerdas) Kaethe Hostetter. La suya es una mirada hacia el free en sus múltiples facetas: la espiritualidad de Coltrane, las influencia orientales, la inmediatez de Ayler, y la libertad total, sin dejar de reconocer la influencia del blues o el placer de solear mientras tus compañeros tejen un ritmo muy marcado y potentemente adictivo.